Group pilgrimages

B1The church of Our Lady of the Garden Enclosed is opened to individual pilgrims every day in the pilgrimage season from 1 May to 15 September, from approximately 6 in the morning until 8.30 in the evening, and outside the season from 9 to 5. Needless to say, groups who want to pilgrimage to the Sorrowful Mother of Warfhuizen are also very welcome! Since the church is also the chapel of the local hermitage, there are some limitations and rules in effect. We list them here for the sake of convenience:

1. Groups (including groups who celebrate Mass in Wehe-den Hoorn) should announce themselves no less then two weeks before the planned pilgrimage by sending a letter to: Broederschap Onze Lieve Vrouwe van de Besloten Tuin, Baron van Asbeckweg 13, 9963PA Warfhuizen. One can also send an e-mail to When a group wishes to take part in the Liturgy of the Hours as prayed by the brother, this should be announced, in part because of the need to print the translations (the Liturgy is completely in Latin). There are costs for printing and copying the translations.

kapel binnen2. We want to emphasise that seating in the chapel is limited to about 60. If there are young people who can sit on the floor, there is room for about 100 people in the nave before in front of the enclosure grills. Should the number of pilgrims exceed this, we can contact the parish church of St. Boniface, two kilometers away, for you. After Mass there, the group can come to Warfhuizen to honour Mary. The parish will probably request some compensation for use of the building (consult with the parish council, the confraternity can do this for you).

3. Simple processions (using only a cross and banner, in the evening also oil lamps) from Wehe-den Hoorn to Warfhuizen (2 kilometers) have become standard. The confraternity will happily lend you the required equipment. Light processions after sunset come with a compensation of 1 euro per person (for lamp oil and lanterns). More exhuberant processions than described above must be discussed with the parish priest. This can be done by the confraternity. Processions of more than 100 people must be registered with the municipality of De Marne, which can also be done by the confraternity.

4. Priests who are guests in Warfhuizen adapt to the liturgical rules of the hermitage: “A guest leaves his own typikon at home.”
– While the church is in use, a sacristan of the confraternity will be present to help you with all that is needed. It is not allowed to search the closets in the sacristy yourself.
– The tabernacle in the chapel is an intricate construction from the eighteenth century, with a mind of its own. For that reason it is only opened by the brother or the sacristan of the confraternity.

processiewebsitenieuws5. The hermit’s Liturgy of the Hours is to be respected at all times.

6. The enclosure of the hermit is to be respected at all times. Except for priests and acolytes, pilgrims are to stay outide the enclosure grills and, outdoors, outside the fences and chains.

7. A special arrangement can be made for groups with a high number of wheelchairs. Contact the confraternity.

8. Absolute silence must be observed at all times (except during the Liturgy) in the church and just outside the doors.