Shrine as well as Hermitage

Maria bedevaart 053_400x600The pilgrimage shrine of Warfhuizen is part of a hermitage. People sometimes ask us why there is such a big cast iron fence in the middle of the church? Are you afraid of burglars or something?

No, we are not afraid of burglars. Although the church sparkles impressively, it contains no real valuables. The fence, then, (the so-called “enclosure grille”) has nothing to do with protecting the inventory. It separates the living space of the hermit from the outside world. The brother is not locked up behind it: he does have a key. It is mainly a means for him to maintain his life of silence and seclusion.

The shrine chapel also being a hermitage chapel means that there a number of extra rules. It is expected, for example, that visitors (except for group pilgrimages) are completely silent, do not go beyond the gate and, outside, not beyond fences and chains.